Frequently Asked Questions
You have frequently asked questions, we have the (freshly updated) answers.
Before Playing

Can I play for free?

The app is free to download. You can enjoy the game without paying, but buying more items such as Stones, Gold, & Energy will expedite your progress through the game.

I don't have a credit card. How should I buy gold?

Gold can also be purchased through an iTunes, Play Store, or Amazon gift card (depending on your device choice.) You can find these at your local Apple Store as well as most convenience and grocery stores.

What devices does Battle Camp support?

You can play Battle Camp on the following devices:

App Store: iPhone/iPod touch/iPad with iOS 6.0 or higher
Google Play Store: Requires Android OS 3.0 or higher
Amazon Kindle Fire: Kindle Fire (Second Generation and up), Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Fire HDX

Official Download Links: [ iPhone Download ] [ iPad Download ] [ Android Download ] [ Amazon Download ]

Please be aware, certain custom firmwares on Android devices may cause issues.

Is the content of the game different depending on my operating system, or which app store I download the game from?

The content and mechanics of the game are the same across all platforms, but there may be slight differences in the movements and animations of certain characters.

Can you become in-game Friends with users who play on different OS’s and who have downloaded the game from different app stores?

Yes, absolutely! The content and mechanics in Battle Camp are the same across all devices and platforms.

I am changing phone/devices, will my progress be saved?

Your progress will only be saved if your game is properly connected to Facebook. Once connected though, you can access your game from any other Facebook connected device. It's important to note that connecting to Facebook is also the only way to use the general chat functions.

How do I enter/give a referral code? What should I expect to receive?

After you install the app and connect the game to facebook, simply follow the steps to create a character and the referral code will be in the field located below where you enter your username.

The player entering a referral code will earn a free monster spin while the player providing a referral code that is redeemed will earn a piece of a Super Monster!

Overall Gameplay Questions

How can I earn gold?

You can earn gold as rewards throughout the game. Gold can also be purchased at anytime through the app. Alternatively, you can tap the “Free Gold” button on the “Buy Gold” page and complete offers. We also host free giveaways on our Facebook Live show (BCLive) and Twitter pages.

How do I search for a pal?

To find a Facebook friend, simply tap the “Social” icon in the bottom right of the virtual world menu to bring up a slide. If you want to search for a specific username, tap the “Friends” icon on that slide to access your friends list. There you will find the search bar used to find in-game usernames (IGN’s) of your fellow friends.

How do I search for a Troop?

First, tap the "Troop" icon from the bottom menu and select "Join a Troop". There you will see a list of Troops to join and have access to the search feature at the top of the page.

Note: To look up a Troop, you cannot currently be part of a Troop.

Why can't I find my friend? We are in the same camp!

You and your friend can be in the same camp but not in the same room. You should both tap on your own Avatar, then tap the room change icon (It’s the very first icon: the door and arrows). From there you can see which room you're in and match with your friend!

I am being harassed by another player, what should I do?

You have the option of muting other users. Once muted, the offending user will not be able to communicate with you unless it is part of troop chat. To mute, tap the avatar of the player. Then, access the friend icon at the very bottom and tap the exclamation symbol (!), this should bring up a slide with the mute button.

We take harassment very seriously so any particularly offensive harassment should be reported using the report user function right next to the mute option. Note that once a player is muted, there is no way to un-mute that player. So be careful!

I accidentally muted my friend. How can I unmute him/her?

A request to unmute a specific player can be made by contacting Support.

I can't change my appearance / My clothing has disappeared!

Force closing the application and restarting it will fix the problem 99% of the time. For that last 1%, reinstalling normally does the trick. If the problem persists even after reinstalling the latest version of the game, please report it to us by sending in a support ticket.

How come during a battle, one of my monster's attacks will decrease at the last moment?

Attack power can both increase or decrease depending on the element strengths and weaknesses of monsters. Also, some enemy monsters may possess passives that reduce the impact of attacks.

I need to donate an item but I can't find it anywhere!

Open your quest log to see what item is needed. The location of the necessary item is often in the quest description. You can spin for the required monster donations from the Monster Grab as well. Also, most quest items in Mt. Magma are granted as quest rewards. So if you’re missing a Tiki, try collecting your previously-completed quests.

What's the advantage of a Perfect Evolution? Is it worth it?

A perfect evolution occurs when all monsters involved in the evolution are max level (including the feeder monster and all four of the specials required). To simply evolve a monster, the only requirements are that the monster and feeder are level 25. The specials do not have to be leveled at all. While that sounds much easier, it is not worth it. A perfectly evolved monster will carry over 10% of the ingredient monsters' stats, rather than the usual 5%. That means fully leveled perfect evolutions will often be VASTLY superior to imperfect ones! Oh yes, it's worth it.

Where can I find certain rare/special monsters?

Each zone has its own specific set of common and rare monsters. So if you spot a monster you want, keep battling in that zone! Higher rarity monsters (Supers, Ultras, Epics and Specials) can appear in any camp.

How can I get myself an Epic/Ultra monster?

Epic and ultra monsters are extremely rare, but there is a chance that they can drop pieces in battle. You can also win whole monsters in events or ask a friend to trade you for one, but your best bet is probably to spin for them in the Ultimate or Lucky Grabs.

Remember though, Prize Grabs are based on probability and even in the Ultimate and Lucky Grabs, you can still win rare or special monsters.

How do actives/passives work?

Active abilities are unique perks that all monsters, except commons, come with. The ability can be used in battle by tapping on the monster's image when the ability is available. The border of the image will glow when the ability is ready.

Passive abilities are the special perks that are activated when enough monsters on your team share a zodiac. Passives can be extremely powerful, so it's recommended to activate as many as you can. Passive abilities have the potential to more than double your attack. For example, let's look at the strongest attack passive in the game, Rogue. At level 1, Rogue takes away 10% health, but adds 65% to your monster's attack. If your monster has an attack of 1000, then with this bonus the attack is now 1650. At Rogue level 5, the attack is now increased by 105%, which would put your monster's attack at 2050. Such power!

Where do I play Mosaic? How many of each tile are there? Is there any reward for winning?

To play Mosaic, first tap on your opponent’s avatar and then tap the messaging button on the bottom left. The Mosaic icon will be in the top right corner.

The tiles consist of 6 colors and 6 shapes making a total of 36 unique tiles. There are two copies of every unique tile making the total number of tiles 72. The rewards for winning mosaic include increased confidence and bragging rights. There are some known issues about Mosaics, and they are still being worked on. Please do not send in tickets reguarding Mosaic.

What is the highest level that you can reach?

Currently, 70 is the highest level achievable.

How many inventory slots can I buy?

You start with 20 slots in the beginning. You can buy up to 20 new inventory slots, plus earn an additional 20 through leveling for a max of 80 slots. You can also purchase additional storage boxes to hold your monsters.

How can I see the a monster's max stats?

You can access the monster's stats in the catalogue page. To get to the catalogue, tap the Monster icon on the bottom left menu and tap the Catalogue tab in the top right. The entire list of over 1300 monsters in Battle Camp will appear. Only images will appear on those you’ve encountered and a checkmark will appear next to the ones currently in your inventory.

I accidentally sold/fused a Monster.

Once a Monster is sold or fused, it cannot be reverted. Please read the Account Support section below.

Where is the trading feature?

The monster trading feature can be found on the Battle Camp Support Site after logging in with your connected Facebook account. Note that one’s account must be at least level 25 to trade with another player. You must also be friends/pals with that player for a minimum of 10 days in order to trade with them.

Issues Related to Events/Raids/Bosses

I can't leave my Troop during an event!

When an event begins, players are locked into their Troops until the end of the event to prevent unfair gameplay. So plan ahead!

When does the raid boss get enraged and what's the difference?

There's a chance a raid boss can become enraged halfway through an event. When enraged, the boss will become more difficult to defeat but players will earn double trophies when they win.

Why did the raid boss become harder? I engaged him at the same level!

Depending on event, each time your Troop defeats the raid boss, it gains additional health in order to ensure that Troops are given a better challenge. This is known as dynamic difficulty, and adjusts according to the number of wins against the Raid Boss.

How many trophies should I expect after a boss battle?

Trophies are often awarded based on the amount of damage you inflict. Bonus Trophies are awarded only at the end of victorious matches, depending on the event type. In raid events, you will receive one trophy for every thousand damage points done. Other events may award trophies at different increments.

Why are my trophies/rewards not counted?

Sometimes it takes a few minutes for the server to process trophies/rewards because of the sheer number of players, so don't be alarmed if your rewards don't come immediately after the event ends. If you are missing Rewards/Trophies, please read the Account Support section below.

What do I do with Event Tokens? Do they carry over to other events?

Event Tokens may be spent at traders during an event for awesome items ranging from trophies to costumes. And tokens do carry over between events so there is no need to worry if you don't spend them all.

What are the different PvP skill tiers?

Users are divided into different PvP skill tiers based on the strength of the 5 strongest monsters in their inventory. This is to create a balanced and competitive environment where lower level players can avoid being matched up against high leveled players. There are three tiers: Novice, Intermediate, Advanced.

Issues Related to Game Data

I am changing phone/devices, will my progress be saved?

Your progress will only be saved if your game is properly connected to Facebook. Once connected though, you can access your game from any other Facebook connected device. It's important to note that connecting to Facebook is also the only way to use the general chat functions found in the game.

How come I can't connect to Facebook?

Currently, the game only allows one player per Facebook account. Once you connect a user to a Facebook account, you will not be able to connect another. There is no way to un-link currently linked Battle Camp Facebook accounts.

You can also try these steps to make sure you can Facebook connect:

  • 1. Go to iPhone Settings -> Facebook and make sure you are properly logged in.
  • 2. Go to iPhone Settings -> Facebook and make sure Battle Camp is turned on.
  • 3. Go to Facebook Online -> Privacy Settings -> Blocking and make sure Battle Camp is not blocked.
  • 4. Go to Facebook Online -> Privacy Settings -> Apps and make sure all Battle Camp's access is turned on.

  • If you have completed all 4 of these steps, Facebook connect should work.
  • For Android devices, just complete Steps 3 & 4.

What if I don’t want to post my quest accomplishments to Facebook?

Before collecting your quest rewards, uncheck the box that says "Share Achievement".

How do I report hackers?

To report a possible hacker, tap on the suspicious player and tap the friend button. Then tap the exclamation icon (!). This should bring up the "Report" feature. Additionally, If you have a screenshot of any suspicious activity, please send a detailed report via the Battle Camp Support Site and we will investigate the matter. Please note that we do not ban players based solely off other player reports.

Can I change username/gender?

No, your username and gender are permanent once chosen.

Can I reset/delete account?

No, we do not allow you to reset or delete your Battle Camp account.

I want to report a bug. How should I do it?

You can report a bug through either the "Contact PennyPop" feature on the settings page, or by filling out a Support Ticket on the Battle Camp Support Site through your desktop or mobile device.

My game crashed and I lost my energy...

Send us a bug report and we will try to help you out as best as we can. Agents are not required to give compensation for player internet connection issues.

What kind of new release pace can we expect?

We try to release new updates every four to eight weeks and around most major US holidays. Often if it's taking longer, it's a much larger update.

Having some minor account troubles? Please read through these common issues before submitting a report below.
Are You Missing Gold?

You’ve made a gold purchase that hasn’t shown up. Have you waited at least 48hrs and allowed for the purchase to go through?

Yes: If the purchase has pulled money from your account, but has not shown up in game, please seek a refund at your App Store to re-purchase the gold.

No: Please wait at least 48 hours.

When you purchased the sale, did you make sure you purchased that sale? Each sale has a unique Sale ID, so did you verify that you can no longer see that sale?

Yes: If you do, that means you did not properly purchase the sale and we cannot credit that sale.

No: If you do not, you are an edge case, we can credit the sale as a one time exception. Please provide a timestamp of the purchase, the amount and which sale you were attempting to purchase.

Are you missing Tapjoy/Supersonic offer or video nuggets?

Please make sure you’ve already emailed the third-party (Tapjoy/Supersonic) through the “Missing Gold?” link to verify that you’ve done the offer and explain your missing gold.

If you have already done this and have not gotten a response, please provide the entire confirmation email: the header, footer, and content of the email (preferably screenshots)

Do not send in a ticket, unless you’ve emailed the third-party. If they have refused to credit the gold, there is nothing we can do. Please Do not send in a ticket, as there is nothing we can do about who Tapjoy/Supersonic choose to credit the offers to.

Missing Gifts/Rewards/Trophies?

You accepted a gift and it didn’t arrive in your inventory?

Please provide what exactly the items were, and when you accepted them in a Support Ticket. We can try to restore them for you.

You had a gift in your Inbox and it disappeared?

Please make sure your inventory has less than 40 gifts in them. If that number approaches 40, the inbox will start to delete items with no regard to their importance. Try keeping your inbox clean. Items deleted will be lost.

You reached the benchmarks, but you’re not receiving your gifts?

Please check & Battle Camp Global to verify that it is not a reported issue. If it is, your rewards will be restored when the issue is resolved. Please do not send in a ticket.

If it is not a reported issue, please verify on Battle Camp Global that other people are having the issue. This will be noted then as a “Reported Issue”, for something that the team will then follow up and investigate.

You have not received a popup for trophies/can not see your trophies updating?

Please verify after 2-4 hours and make sure that troop trophies/leaderboards are also not updating. If so, then, server side is recorded fine, and nothing has been lost. Please do not send in a Support Ticket.

Please check & Battle Camp Global to verify that it is not a reported issue. If it is, your rewards will be restored when the issue is resolved. Please do not send in a ticket.

You received the end game screen and your trophies were not added?

These are generally the troop trophy total, and they reflect the total number of trophies earned by your troop during the raid, not your total. There is no need to send in a Support Ticket.

Accidental Feeding?

You’ve accidentally fed your favorite monster to another?

Once a Monster is sold or fused, it cannot be reverted.

Having Trading Issues?

You cannot see the monster in your trade inventory?

Please make sure that monster isn’t already promised in another trade.

Make sure that monster is unequipped of all equipment -- claw, bauble and health collar.

Make sure that monster is of the correct rarity for the trade.

Your trade partner is not your friend/pal?

You must be friends/pals with them for at least 10 days in order to trade with them. You must also have free trades that day in order to use them.

Having Login Issues?

You are receiving a banned/TOS violation slideup?

TOS Banner

We here at PennyPop have and always will be committed to providing a fair and fun gaming experience to every Ranger in our global community.

In an ongoing effort to achieve this, we work diligently to identify and discipline any player found to be making the game unfair for others. This could include the use of exploits, cheats, fraudulent use of in-app purchases, or other use of third-party software to game the system to your favor. This is not only unfair but against our Terms of Service (TOS).

Any player found to be in violation of PennyPop TOS will face disciplinary action, including but not limited to a permanent ban. We can not offer support to players found in violation of the TOS. This isn't something new for us but a continued effort on our part to provide a fair and positive experience for all of our rangers. Please do not send in a ticket, as per our our TOS, agents are not obligated to provide a reason for an account ban.

Facebook has locked out your linked Battle Camp account until you verify your identity with them?

You must supply Facebook with a valid form of identification with the same name, address, and birthday as the one listed on your linked Battle Camp Facebook profile. Once you supply Facebook with the information they've requested, only Facebook will be able to unlock your account. We have no say or influence in Facebook's decision to lock/unlock accounts. You can read more about confirming your identity on Facebook here. Unfortunately, there is no way to unlink Facebook accounts tied to Battle Camp accounts at this time.

Read everything and still have an issue?
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